Michael Jordan is one of the greatest ever players to have played the game of basketball. After Magic and Bird, he took over the league and never relinquished it until retirement.

He was the face of the league in the nineties. Michael’s on-court stardom was as great as his off-court stardom. His fans included many celebrities and the public alike.

In an old interview with UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan, Kevin talks about Jordan and the documentary the Last Dance.

He said, "You have to watch, listen you have to because he is an alien. He’s one of us, he’s one of those aliens the other aliens identify with."

He continued, "For people listening to me when I say alien you know it’s a metaphor.. it doesn’t mean I’m f**king embracing alien here." "

“He’s different, he is fu*cking different, and what this shows you is how different MJ was. That man was a winner. He was a.. winner, and that’s it like that’s it. MJ won. There was no there is no other conversation."

He further said, "When you watch this doc, and you watch how he approached his days and why he approached it the things that he did"

"And the reasons for doing them and ultimately what he wanted and what his priority and his goals were. You go, f**k, he did it. We know why he did it.”

The Chicago Bulls would dominate the decade of the 90s. They would win six NBA Championships with Jordan at the center of it all.

He, for his part, would win six NBA Finals MVPs to go with his five league MVPs and a plethora of scoring titles.