Michael Jordan Had A “Long Night Of Drinking and Gambling” Before Historic 1992 Olympics Victory

Michael Jordan and greatness go hand in hand. The Chicago Bulls star led the team to 6 NBA titles and a decade of domination. Moreover, he was one of the most dedicated athletes of his time. He was known for his stringent attitude towards his teammates during training and also during matches.

However, MJ was a party animal himself. There have been various instances in which Jordan has appeared in an awful shape after having fun all night. Apparently, Jordan partied late before the historic Olympics final in 1992.

There is no denying Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players ever. He led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA titles, which included 2 three-peats! Moreover, he has won almost every individual accolade during his time in the NBA.

Interestingly enough, Jordan spent very little time sleeping and eating. His body allowed him to spend the whole night partying and be fresh enough to appear for training in the morning and drop a masterclass during the match.

In one such instance, MJ partied the entire night before a historic final in the 1992 Olympics against Croatia. According to popular sportswriter, Jack McCallum, he had a long night of partying that included drinking and gambling.

After briefly washing his face, His Airness spent the day in press conferences. Last but not the least, he made sure he played one of his favorite games, Golf, before the historic finals!

Although Jordan might have partied all night, it did not show in his performance. Team USA led by the likes of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird faced Croatia.

Team USA started Jordan, Pippen, Magic, Charles Barkley, and David Robinson in a game which they dominated. The United States beat Croatia 117-85 with Jordan having a field day. He scored 22 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist with 10-16 shooting from the field. His Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen had his fair share of points. Pippen scored 12 points, 2 rebounds, and 4 assists.