His Airness was a vicious trash talker, and somebody who didn't hesitate to put people in their place whenever they went at it.

The six-time NBA champion never missed a chance to tease those he beat, which was in full display during the 1992 Team USA camp.

During a recent episode of Jackie MacMullan’s Icon’s Club podcast, she revealed some of the tactics MJ used to tease his teammates, preventing them from practicing with the same basket he'd use.

Via Sports Casting: Charles Barkley wanders over to the hoop. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are already there, knocking down jumpers. Another Dream Team practice was about to begin. … 

Jordan stopped his teammates short. ‘Find a different basket, Charles.’ He turned to Patrick Ewing. ‘You, too, Patrick. Scottie, you can stay.’ The future Hall of Famers looked at MJ quizzically."

‘Champions only!’ Jordan announced. ‘Not you, Clyde. Find somewhere else.’ Magic, a five-time champion, immediately picked up on it. He declared his corner of the gym, ‘the ring basket.’

At that time, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had two championships under their belt, having beat Magic Johnson's Lakers in 1991 and Clyde Drexler's Trail Blazers in 1992. 

Besides Jordan and Pippen, only Johnson and Larry Bird had won NBA titles. The next season, MJ would get his first three-peat after beating Charles Barkley in the Finals.