Ever since he made it to the NBA, Allen Iverson made a huge impression on people thanks to his offensive skills and the way he approached the game and his personal life.

Although he never won a ring, Iverson is still one of the most talented players to set foot on an NBA court. He shared good relationships with other legends like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, and Michael Jordan.

Even after the Philadelphia 76ers legend retired from the game, he kept making noise around the league, especially when his documentary came out in 2014.

It was so good that Jordan admitted he cried while watching it. This played a huge role in picking Mike Tollin to bring to life the award-winning 10-part docu-series The Last Dance.

"The last page of the presentation was a look at the documentaries, movies, and shows Tollin and his company, Mandalay Sports Media, had done."

"So there's Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar], there's Hank Aaron, there's 'Varsity Blues,' there's 'Coach Carter' and so forth," Tollin said. "Jordon's actually looking at them all, and in the bottom right corner is 'Iverson.' MJ goes, 'You did that?'"

Tollin mumbled a cautious, "Yes." Jordan took his glasses off, looked up, and said, "I watched that thing three times. Made me cry. Love that little guy."

As you can see, Iverson and Jordan's paths have crossed more than once, and not just on the court. These two developed a great friendship that remains strong to this 

day, and the love and respect they have for each other won't change anytime soon.

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