Mayweather On Tank Davis “He’s With Us Forever”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. appeared defensive and agitated when asked whether he was re-signing superstar Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis to his Mayweather Promotions stable on Monday during a press conference to announce his next exhibition match in September.

Mayweather claimed that the unbeaten WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Tank Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) will stay with him “forever”, but in the next breath, body language seemed to reveal a different reality.

“I’m not here to talk about Tank. He’s a hell of a fighter,” said Floyd Mayweather to Fight Hub TV when asked if he’s going to re-sign Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis to his Mayweather Promotions stable.

He’s with us forever. I like Tank, I love Tank, he loves me and we have a great relationship and we’re happy,” said Mayweather.

It’s unclear what Mayweather meant when he said Tank is going to be with “us forever.” Was Floyd giving the reporters some doublespeak with the word “forever” or has he convinced the 27-year-old Gervonta to re-sign with him?

If this is the end for Tank being with Mayweather, it’s going to be a crushing blow to Floyd’s promotional company, as he was the only notable fighter of actual talent with them.

Although Mayweather has Rolly Romero as one of his fighters, he’s more of a personality in the Adrien Broner mold than a true talent, and his career is likely to disintegrate immediately unless he’s carefully matched against weak opposition.

Mayweather has the money to sign a lot of great fighters, but for some reason, he hasn’t done so. That’s a great mystery. Floyd is sitting on a fortune estimated at $450 million.