Marvel’s Thunderbolt Film In Development: Which Characters Will Return?

US AGENT In Falcon & The Winter Soldier, we got to see Valentina de Fontaine recruiting Wyatt Russell (US Agent). This is where the fans hinted that it can either be a setup of the Thunderbolt also known as Dark Avengers.

YELENA BELOVA In Black Widow’s post-credits scene we saw Valentina who comes with a picture of Hawkeye, saying that he is the one responsible for her sister’s death (Natasha). So it is possible that Valentina may assemble her as well in the thunderbolts in the future.

BARON ZEMO According to the comics, he is the original leader of the team. Also, he was a part of the Falcon & the Winter Soldier show where we got to see the new version of him.

ABOMINATION Shangchi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings brought back the abomination, and next, we also get to see him in She-Hulk. So there are chances he will be one of the Thunderbolts.

TASK MASTER In Black widow, it was made clear that she is free from the red room. It would be interesting to see if she comes back for the film as she is also a member of the Thunderbolts.

WINTER SOLDIER It remains unclear whether Bucky will be a part of MCU’s version of thunderbolt or not. The winter soldier was also once the leader of the thunderbolt. So it would be interesting to see if he becomes a part of the team.

GHOST Last seen in Antman and the Wasp, we don’t really know if the MCU will continue her story by bringing her back in thunderbolts.

WHIPLASH We got to see this character in Iron Man 2, as the Thunderbolts is taking place it would be great to see him return to the MCU.