By Christy Mathew

MCU Phase 4

Marvel Studios has been super busy getting out their content the entire year. But the studios are reportedly developing a movie based on the comic, Secret Wars. This was revealed by writer Jim Shooter.

Marvel had to take a year off because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the MCU phase 4 projects have been wide open. We have already seen the multiverse being open and the appearance of new characters and new heroes joining the story. 

However, even though they have all their pieces at play, one will always wonder how will Marvel top the Infinity Saga. Turns out, Marvel may have been looking at one of their successful comic crossovers.

The comic, Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars was published as a 12-issue series from May 1984 to April 1985. This helped promote the new line of Marvel superhero toys for Mattell. 

The series included various heroes and villains from the MCU as the artwork was made by Mike Zeck and Bob Layton. But these heroes and villains were transported to a mysterious Battleworld by a cosmic being, The Beyonder.

This series has been one of the first crossover events in Marvel comics and has been a classic leading to the introduction of new concepts into the Marvel Universe. Like you could see Spider-man’s black symbiote suit, the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman, and it led to She-Hulk becoming a replacement on Fantastic Four.

Jim Shooter revealed as he was speaking at the MegaCon convention in Orlando via CBR, that he thinks Marvel is developing a Secret Wars movie. He revealed that he was contacted by someone in Marvel to write a novelization for Secret Wars. However, when he went through the contract, it appeared to be a bit complicated and he turned it down.