Marvel Fans Gets An 8 Hour Movie Marathon To Celebrate Thor’s Journey

On July 8th, the mighty God Of Thunder arrives with his fourth film  Thor: Love & Thunder. He is the only Avenger out of the 6 who is  receiving 4th film after the best trilogy.

The past three films have showcased the journey of Thor right from his  origin to how he becomes the God of thunder & later on joined the  Avengers in every battle.

As in the trailer, it’s shown that Thor’s superhero days have now come  to an end and now he embarks on the journey of inner peace. But then  Gorr The God Butcher interrupts him on his journey. Gorr’s only motive  is to terminate all Gods.

To unfold the mystery of why Gorr wants this & to fight him, along  with Thor,  we also get the new mighty Thor Jane Foster who will be  coming back in this film. We also see the very favorite and now the king  of Asgard Valkyrie teaming up

To remember the journey of our strongest Avenger so far, Marvel has  announced a marathon for all Marvel fans out there. The marathon will  run all the 4 movies of Thor.

It will be an 8-hour movie marathon which is named Marvel GOAT Marathon: Greatest Of All Thor.

It will take in cinemas in the United States (only in the selected  ones). The total timing of all the movies will be 476 minutes.

The marathon will take place on 7th July & the event will conclude with the new movie screening of Thor: Love & Thunder.