Mandy Rose Steps Out on the Beach in a Stunning Blue Bikini

One of the most attractive WWE women in history is without a doubt Mandy Rose. In addition, this former wrestler for the WWE has held other positions.

Her many roles as a professional wrestler, TV star, fitness competitor, and more have all been seen by fans.

She also has a reputation for finishing any assignment she is given. She was a part of Tough Enough and Total Divas while she was working for WWE.

She is also a former NXT Champion, so you would be familiar with her. Post-2022, though, her life has undoubtedly been a rollercoaster.

You may not be aware of this, but Mandy Rose was fired from WWE due to some dubious material on her FanTime website.

Additionally, she has just revealed some unexpected news. Her most recent statement has left admiring fans clamoring for more.

Basically, she posted a special announcement on Instagram on January 23.

Her gorgeous blue bikini is included in the post, along with an announcement about her subscription.