Manchester City Kevin de Bruyne Revealed As Crypto Exchange Phemex Brand Ambassador

Manchester City football star Kevin de Bruyne has been announced as the official brand ambassador for cryptocurrency exchange, Phemex.

The move is similar to that of many others in the cryptocurrency field who have entered the sports arena and vice versa.

De Bruyne is a top-rated footballer who is respected and admired by many people throughout the world, and his effect on the sport of football is tremendous. This makes the collaboration with Phemex a formidable force.

The player will join the platform as a global image representative and brand ambassador, according to the Singapore-based crypto exchange.

De Bruyne added that he has been interested in the crypto market for some time, and the offer from Phemex piqued his curiosity.

“My interest in cryptocurrency has been growing for a while now and I am thrilled Phemex asked me to join forces with them,” said de Bruyne. “I have been really impressed with Jack and his team and I am really looking forward to supporting their journey to further develop and explore the future of cryptocurrency.”

The footballer will collaborate with Phemex on a variety of projects, including the Phemex Citizen.

This is a novel product from the crypto exchange that is aimed at educating families and expanding their understanding of the innovative elements of crypto.

de Bruyne’s globally recognized image will help to further teach new users to be able to discover the unique opportunities presented by crypto.