Ludwig Shocked As Spider-Man: No Way Home Becomes Available On Twitch As VOD

Christy Mathew

During the ongoing copyright issue on Twitch, YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren was taken aback when he discovered the new ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ movie available in its entirety.

Spider-Man: No Way Home was a huge hit at the box office, grossing $600 million domestically and putting it in the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time. The anticipation for this film was palpable, and Spider-Man fans are still hunting for ways to view it online… One way to pirate, it turns out, has been on Twitch for more than a week.

Ludwig Ahgren, a former Twitch streamer who later became a YouTube star, found this during a live stream on January 3 while he was analysing the current reaction meta trending on the internet broadcasting site.

A plethora of streamers have started watching television episodes with their viewers recently; most notably xQc viewing Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares; sparking a debate about whether copyright companies will go after broadcasters at some point.

“Eventually, there’s a level of negligence where companies might start coming after them,” Ahgren added, before showing that Spider-Man: No Way Home is accessible to stream in its entirety on Twitch. 

To avoid getting into problems, he didn’t mention the channel’s name; but he did show a portion of the film as proof that it had truly been posted as a VOD.

“I think this is the beast that’s getting poked at,” Ahgren said. “Eventually, like on YouTube, it causes trouble.”

Ahgren compared Twitch’s current situation to YouTube’s copyright system; as if the rival streaming platform faces a similar fate if it doesn’t crack down. Ludwig’s broadcast on the subject was, ironically, pulled down owing to copyright violation.