Louis Vuitton Blows Up the LV Trainer to Playful Proportions

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Lined Circle

The LV Trainer Maxi Sneaker is the latest generation of the LV Trainer shoe from the renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton.

This sneaker is a contemporary twist on basketball-inspired shapes that is swiftly gaining popularity in sneaker culture.

The LV Trainer, designed by Virgil Abloh, the leader of Vuitton's menswear division, has become a standard item from the company.

The LV Trainer Maxi Sneaker keeps the iconic LV Trainer style with a basic two-toned design, rubber tongues, and forefoot branding.

Smooth calf leather uppers with overlined embellishments and linear marks on the rear tabs.

The medials have "VUITTON" writing, and the thick white midsoles have ridged green rubber bottoms with Louis Vuitton's monogram flower symbols.

The LV Trainer Maxi Sneaker is distinguished from its predecessor by its humorous jumbo-sized proportions, which create a powerful statement.

The shoe has hefty rope laces with adorable floral charms on top of swelling tongues in yellow, orange, green, and purple.