Logan Paul's CryptoZoo is mocked by Joe Rogan as a guest explains why it cost fans millions of dollars

YouTuber CoffeeZilla joined host and UFC analyst Joe Rogan on the most recent episode of his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. 

Recently, CoffeeZilla gained notoriety for its efforts to uncover the "CryptoZoo scam," which also implicated Logan Paul.

In reality, Logan Paul was charged with marketing CryptoZoo despite knowing that it was intended to defraud people in YouTube videos that Coffeezilla created. 

''It's just blockchain coding," stated CoffeeZilla on the Joe Rogan Experience as Rogan struggled to understand how CryptoZoo operated. 

CoffeeZilla went into detail and spoke about Logan Paul's involvement.

CoffeeZilla claims that only half of CryptoZoo's features are functional. Also, Logan Paul offered justifications for CoffeeZilla's release of a video.

"He says, "Damn, what a coincidence," as soon as my video is released," stated CoffeeZilla.

 "Half the eggs are defective. The entire time, they are not earning anything.'' When Joe Rogan heard, he continued, "So, the promises haven't been fulfilled.