Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT Project Featuring Mike Tyson Sells for Over USD 44,000

YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul has made waves with his NFT project ’99 Originals’. Meanwhile, Paul recently sold an NFT featuring Mike Tyson.

This is the Original #31 NFT from his 99 Originals project Paul put up for auction. Moreover, he revealed that the auction for the polaroid featuring Tyson closed in at 22 Ethereum (ETH).

Previously, Paul had sold ‘Original #1‘ for 25 ETH (USD 60,000) and ‘Original #14‘ for 46.5 ETH (USD 104,000).

Paul has been a lifelong admirer of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet‘. Moreover, Tyson was also a guest on Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast.

However, he decided against it as he considered it unoriginal. Tyson has always had a profound love for his pigeons. Taking this into consideration, he captured Tyson with his pigeons.

Moreover, Paul also mentioned that he was honored to have Tyson as a part of the project.

The former champ has loved pigeons from the age of 9. ‘Iron Mike’ had a very rough childhood while growing up. In fact, he claimed that the pigeons were an escape from the bullying he experienced as an overweight child.

Tyson has had his share of insane pets, including the Bengal tigers. Besides that, Tyson, an animal lover, also has an array of pigeons. The champ had a special preference for the ludicrously expensive Janssen racing pigeons.

Furthermore, it is said that he paid a whopping USD 20,000 each for his three Janssen pigeons. Additionally, the monthly upkeep for his array of cats and birds cost the champ a mind-boggling USD 400,000.