Logan Paul Reveals Encounter With Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend

Christy Mathew

Alex Cooper, Call Her Daddy podcast host confronted influencer Logan Paul in a recent episode. The host called Logan while she was recording for an episode and asked him to explain his text.

This comes after the duo experienced an encounter where Logan met her boyfriend for the first time. They ran into each other outside a Las Vegas nightclub. Alex’s boyfriend’s identity is still unknown. Logan shared that there was some “incredibly handsome man” and he was staring at him.

The influencer added that he had a slight smirk on his face as if looking through him. He shared, “There was a slight smirk on his face, almost imperceivable. Like, looking through me. 

Alex had posted a picture before on her Instagram story indicating that Logan and her boyfriend had gotten into an altercation. However, the explanation that was provided from both sides proves otherwise.

Alex responded to Logan’s statement and said he was smiling at him because he was acting like a “weirdo”. The podcast host further shared that Logan acted as if he saw a ghost and started freaking out. 

Logan responded that he did see a ghost because he hasn’t seen her in twelve years. The influencer added that the last time he heard about her was when she made few statements about them on a podcast.

He shared that he told a close friend and she told the entire internet. Alex’s episode with Logan was titled What Happens in Vegas and she calls the influencer only 28 minutes into the episode.