Logan Paul Refuses to Reveal Mystery Boxing Opponent, but Fans Seem to Know

Logan Paul has drawn the curtains of mystery over his return to the boxing ring. The social media personality is set to face off an opponent in December 2022.

However, he did not unveil the name of the opponent because he wanted to keep it as a surprise to the boxing world.

Regardless of signing a contract with WWE, ‘The Maverick’ has made it clear on Thursday that he would return to the ring by the end of this year.

Yeah, that’s why I’m late. I was sparring, I’m boxing now again. Yeah, we’re getting back in the ring. We’re gonna go from a professional sport like I want to get a fight in December.

We’ll see, I have some people in mind but I can’t say Pal, you know you only get one first impression, like that’s part of my ability to make moments and I like making first impressions big and so I want to keep it a secret until we’re ready.

Interestingly, a few fans tried to guess the name. They mentioned the name of the American MMA fighter, Dillon Dannis. The 28-year-old is known for being a teammate of Conor McGregor’s and also has had beef with the Paul brothers for a while.

Another fan wrote, “My theory is that he will box Dillon Danis and in return he’ll make his mma debut for bellator next summer.”

Another fan prepared the entire fight card for Paul. He wrote, “KSI vs ???? And Logan vs Dillion As Co Main events on a Misfits card would be fire than a rematch between Temperr and Kenny for the Light Heavyweight title.”

Another fan tried to troll the combat sport performance of Paul, he wrote, “He should fight Dillon in mma so he can be 0-3 in combat sports.”