Logan Paul Sells The Right To Walk Him To Ring For Next Fight For £50,000

Youtuber turned boxer Logan Paul is yet to make his return to boxing since his last fight against Floyd Mayweather in 2021.

Moreover, he has won none of his last 3 fights, with the first match with KSI being a draw, losing the rematch to KSI and no official result being announced for the Mayweather fight.

Furthermore, it seems Paul has now moved on to new projects as he has released his new NFT project ’99 Originals’ where he will put out a collection of 99 original polaroids taken over the course of 99 days.

The Maverick recently took to Twitter to post about his latest addition to the ’99 Originals and revealed that the person who purchases it will get a chance to walk Paul out in his next fight, and would also be able to choose the color of the outfit that the Youtuber will wear.

The polaroid features Paul’s hand after he broke his third metacarpal bone, attempting to break the record of a punching machine in Germany.

The injury looked serious, moreover, he also posted a video regarding the incident on Twitter with the caption.”I broke my hand & ended my boxing career”

He explains in the video how he got drunk in Germany one night and went to break his hand saying,

I was drunk in Germany, no surprise there, that’s what you do in Germany, and I make really bad decisions when I’m intoxicated, my ego tends to flare up. I saw this boxing arcade game like this hole-in-the-wall bar, it’s the one where the bag drops down, you hit it and you get the high score. Well, my drunk a** wanted to set the high score.”

The boxer broke his hand trying to get the high score and ended up spending time in a german hospital. Furthermore, he was worried that he’d never be able to box again due to the injury. He definitely had to regret his decision that night. After all, it turns out that alcohol and boxing don’t go well together.