Logan Paul Has An Awkward Reaction To Fans Chanting “F*** Jake Paul”

Fans chanted “f*** Jake Paul” as Paul awkwardly ducked during an appearance on an open-top bus while promoting his collaboration energy drink with his brother’s rival KSI in the UK.

Logan Paul awkwardly hid himself after he heard KSI’s fans chant “f***” Jake Paul” during their energy drink promotion event.

Following their previous clash, the YouTube sensation travelled to the United Kingdom to debut energy drink Prime, which he co-created with two-time ring adversary KSI.

KSI, whose real name is JJ Olatunji, has repeatedly taken verbal jabs with Paul’s brother Jake, and has even expressed his dislike for the YouTube sensation while sitting next to Logan.

Paul and KSI were in attendance at an open-top bus appearance at Watford ASDA to celebrate the debut of their drink in the United Kingdom.

During the occasion, a large crowd came to honour the social media famous duo, who have a combined following of over 20 million people on social media.

“F*** Jake Paul,” yelled KSI’s fans, as Jake’s brother Logan stood alongside the British star.

Paul jokingly ducks down to escape any chants directed directly at him, while KSI laughs.

As the chanting went down, the YouTube celebrity climbed to the top step of the bus, where he was greeted with exploding cheers from the swelling throng.