Logan Paul Finally Impresses WWE Fans On Friday Night SmackDown   - Here’s How

Logan Paul has slowly been becoming a regular appearance on WWE!

Logan Paul has made 4 appearances at WWE so far.

Five, including his latest Friday night appearance on SmackDown.

Each time Logan Paul entered the ring, he was met with a chorus of boos by the WWE fans

However, things were up for a change this time.

As Logan Paul and Kevin Owens were about to battle it out, Corbin struck Owens with a cheap shot and choke slammed him into the canvas.

Logan Paul took this opportunity to yell in the mic You’re not that guy, pal! You’re not that guy!”

It was a reference to the hilarious viral TikTok video of a elderly man aggressively yelling at a teenager over them wearing a face mask in a grocery store.

Fans feel that the elder Paul brother is an “entertaining” and an “amazing heel” inside that WWE ring!