Logan Paul Drops His First NFT of 99 Originals Project to Donate Over $38,000 for Ukraine Relief

YouTube’s own export to the world of boxing, Logan Paul, had launched his own NFT project ’99Originals’ last month. ‘The Maverick’ revealed that the first NFT of the series Original #1 is being auctioned.

In a tweet, Paul announced that Original #1 is available with the highest bid sitting at a whopping 16.5 ETH. This translates to roughly USD 38,277.

Moreover, Paul also revealed that 13 hours are still left for the bids to close and 100% of the proceeds from the purchase will be donated to the Ukraine relief effort.  

Now, with just a few hours left for the closing of the auction, the price is estimated to rise further. For his first NFT in the series, Paul partnered with American digital artist Mike Winkelmann AKA Beeple.

Beeple is an artistic genius who is considered one of the pioneers of NFTs. In fact, the polaroid itself shows Beeple standing in front of one of his latest works, HUMAN_ONE.

 Notably, the artwork is a seven-foot-high hybrid sculpture that is said to have sold at Christie’s for a mind-blowing USD 28.9 million.

‘The Maverick’ also released a trailer, shedding more light on the project. 99 Originals is considered one of his most ambitious projects yet, which came to fruition after his exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As a part of the series, Paul will be undertaking a life-changing and metamorphic journey over a period of 99 days. He will be traveling across the globe with a polaroid camera, capturing photographs of special memories. In fact, this journey will push Paul both physically and mentally over 99 days.

As Paul mentioned that he wanted to create something timeless, it led him to launch his own NFT project. He considers this his personal ‘artistic journey’, i.e. statement to his ever-changing pursuit of perfection as a creator. Paul further added that each picture would involve a major aspect of his life.