WWE star Liv Morgan joined 98.5 The Sport Hub’s Wrestling Inside The Ropes program to promote WWE’s upcoming live event in Boston,

where she and Bianca Belair will challenge Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Morgan told the story about how she got the name Liv Morgan, and how she almost wound up with a different surname.

“The real background is that when you arrive to the Performance Center, when it’s time to create your character, you send in a list of names,” Morgan said.

“I must’ve sent in three different list of names and they thought all my names were so terrible. All the names I picked they thought were so bad.

So literally I show up to TV one day at Full Sail for an NXT taping. And they pulled me aside and were like

‘alright, you’re either Liv Morgan or your Liv Gallows.’ And I was like ‘I guess I pick Liv Morgan.’

“I always liked the name Liv. I didn’t really like Morgan, but I grew to love it. I grew to love it all.

I’ve found so many little puns to use Liv for and little fun little things. Smackdown Liv, You Only Liv Once, Liv Is Life, Watch Me Liv. I can go on and on and on.”

Liv Morgan has now spent nearly seven years with WWE and has amassed quite a few supporters and mentors over the years.