Liam Payne Claims He’s In Talks With Louis Tomlinson About A One Direction Reunion

Fans of One Direction have been hoping for a reunion for a long time, and were disappointed when the band failed to reunite for their tenth anniversary in 2020.

After speaking with Louis Tomlinson about it, Liam Payne said in a recent interview that talks for a reunion are underway and that it may happen sooner than expected.

Payne stated that he has spoken with fellow bandmate Louis Tomlinson, and that the two are ready to get back together soon.

“I spoke to Louis about it and we were saying it had to be sooner rather than later,”

Payne remarked at Tom Parker’s charity event on Monday night, according to The Mirror.

After the group’s six-year break, all of the members focused on their individual careers, which have been a huge success.