One of the most famously asked questions is always what someone's Mt. Rushmore of NBA greats is.

Referencing the famous monument with four former Presidents' faces carved into a mountain, fans pick who they think the 4 greatest NBA players of all time are. 

And while the answers often vary, legends like MJ and LeBron usually find their way onto everyone's lists. 

However, legendary rapper Ice Cube's answer was a little different.

Ice Cube said, “Oh man, I gotta put Magic Johnson up there, Michael Jordan. You know, I have to put Wilt Chamberlain and I don’t 

know, I guess I put Kobe Bryant up there. To me, those are just talents that nobody can match.”

While it's hard to debate that any of these players don't deserve to be there, the selections of Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe Bryant over someone like 

LeBron James are the exact types of things that lead to debate and some controversy in these situations.

Considering that Shaquille O'Neal had his version of it without LBJ, as did Robert Horry, who put himself on his, it makes sense that Ice Cube has Kobe on his since he is from California.