Lee Seung-hoon Reveals 2 Billion Won Debt to Blackpink’s Lisa on “Girls Night Out”

On the episode of Mnet’s “Girls Night Out” that airs on the 8th, Lee Seung-hoon will appear and explain his debt relationship with Lisa.

On that day, Jo Hyun-ah cautiously hesitated, saying, “I know Seung-hoon’s secret. Can I say it?” and revealed

Seung-hoon owes Lisa 2 billion won,” surprising everyone.

When asked, “Did you not take a short-form video with Lisa and not make the payment?

Lee Seung-hoon explained the whole story of the incident by saying, “Isn’t Blackpink a world star? That’s why they’re valuable.”

Meanwhile, Lisa drew attention by claiming, “Am I being scammed?” and joked, “I helped Seung-hoon

He asked me to do a short-form video challenge and requested a 2 billion won deposit. But he hasn’t made the payment yet.

Please make the payment,” making Lee Seung-hoon break out in a cold sweat and laugh it off.

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