LeBron James might be one of the most unique superstars in the NBA. While many players fizzle out in the league by their early 30s, LeBron has continued to be among the best players in the league.

Starting off at just the age of 18, Bron showed his insane prowess as a hooper to the world. Be it passing, scoring, or defending, the Ohio youngster could do it all. 

Not only did he wow everyone with his incredible display on the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he has also continued to be a menace for opposing teams wherever he has played.

In a recent episode of the Shop, a 37-year-old Bron claimed he needed about 10-15 games to be in prime game shape. 

Long-time friend and business associate Maverick Carter immediately took a jab at the  4-time MVP and called him old. "Nah n-----, you too old."

But it seems like the joke shook James. LBJ immediately replied, claiming that he was shaken and was in the prime of his career.

LeBron instantly replied, "Sh-t. You got me f----d up. I’m in my prime.”

While LeBron James might be missing about 20 games a season for the last three years, there is no doubting that when the 18-time All-Star is on the court, he is still one of the, if not the best player on the court.

If he can really maintain such a high level of production for a couple of years more, it won't be a surprise if he ends up becoming one of the oldest superstars to lead a team to the title.