Lebron James to Become Highest Earner in NBA History as Los Angeles Lakers Plan Contract

LeBron James is set to become the highest earner in NBA history if he signs an extension worth $97.1million (£80m) with the Los Angeles Lakers, which he became eligible to receive on August 4

If LeBron James signs a contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers, his career earnings would total $532 million (£441 million), making him the highest-paid NBA player ever.

Players being eligible for contract extensions before potential free agency in 2023 is the latest twist in an unpredictable NBA summer. James is the biggest name in the potential pond, and he must decide whether to sign a contract extension with the storied Lakers organisation or risk becoming the superstar everyone wants when free agency opens up the following year.

The four-time MVP is expected to be affordable for about half of the NBA's clubs, and supporters are anticipating the Lakers' next move. James became qualified to sign a two-year deal for $97.1m (£80.8m) on Thursday.

If James signs a new contract, he would increase his total career earnings to $532 million (£442.5 million), which would be a record for an NBA player. Although it seems like the King won't rule over this record for too long given the rising player pay,

The Lakers will have over $23 million (£19 million) in salary room even if the 37-year-old accepts the agreement; however, this amount might rise if Taylor Horton-Tucker declines his player option or if he is sold. The team is desperately trying to trade Russell Westbrook for Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving because they have some room but not nearly enough to sign a max-level free agent.

Additionally, the Lakers are open to trading a future first-round selection to get Irving's services. By trading for his Bird rights, they would be able to sign the free agency guard the next year without exceeding the cap.

If the Lakers are unable to reach an agreement with Westbrook on his massive $47.1 million (£39 million) contract, they may decide to use their remaining salary space to sign players who can play with James and fellow superstar Anthony Davis. This is what the club did in 2019, before they won the title, when they added players like Danny Green, Avery Bradley, and Alex Caruso.

James' potential course of action is uncertain if he chooses to finish the season on an expired contract. James might return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the franchise that chose him first overall as an 18-year-old back in 2003, amid hopes of playing with son Bronny once the 17-year-old ultimately possibly makes it in the NBA.