LeBron James admires several players in the NBA, but he has a special taste for some and doesn't hesitate to show them love and respect.

This has been common for LeBron over the years, but he recently went deeper and named his favorite player in the NBA.

That player is none other than Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic, who took the league by storm since he made it in 2018.

During the brand new episode of The Shop, LeBron was asked what makes Luka special, and he had a compelling answer to that: "His size. He's gigantic. A 6'8" guard. He's 225 pounds. He has 

the ball on a string, and more importantly, his vision. He can control a game. He doesn't even have to shoot. He would walk the ball up the court 10 straight times and get to his spot every single time. Just because of his pace."

"He knows where he comes off a pick and roll, if they're hard-showing, if they're hedging, or if they're dropping the pick and roll, he knows I can turn the corner 'cause I got this shoulder, and I know the third 

line of defense, when I get there, if I just slow down, just slow down and use my pivots, not even jump, just the Euro one-two, this guy's flying by. He's flying by every time. It's the mind." 

Luca is only 22 right now and has a bright future ahead. If the Mavericks can assemble a good team for him, Luka could do more impressive things in the league. 

One of the greatest players of all time named him his favorite baller in the NBA right now, which should tell you how great Doncic is.