LeBron James was probably his most cheerful and funny during his second stint in Cleveland.

The negativity around his move to the Heat had finally subsided, as James went back to his hometown as a hero returning to bring a championship to a city that was starved of one.

LeBron's supporting cast perfectly meshed around him on the court and off the court. One of those players that LeBron trusted by his side was JR Smith.

In an interview during his Cleveland days, LeBron was talking about the fundamental basketball moves he stole from idols like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson before 

wondering who JR Smith saw to think he should shoot fadeaway threes. Smith clarified that doubt and let everyone know that 2K was his teacher.

"We all take something from somebody. My fadeaway I got from MJ, my no-look pass, I got from Magic. He shoots fadeaway 3s, I don't know who he gets those from," James said. "2K," JR Smith bluntly responds.

Athletes love playing video games, especially if they feature them on them. Most basketball fans end up playing some 2K version across phones, computers, or consoles

JR saw something crazy in 2K and thought it would be perfect for an attempt in the game, which is respectable and shows how he was constantly striving to find ways to get the ball into the hoop.

Smith and LeBron have always had a strong relationship, as JR Smith got a second ring alongside LeBron on the 2020 Lakers despite seeing limited playing time.