We have seen LeBron James dominate the last 2 decades of basketball. However, LeBron was just another superstar who couldn't get over the championship hump back in 2011.

The world of basketball was stunned when the Miami Heat fell to the underdog Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals.

After a 2-1 series lead the Heat would drop three consecutive games after a cocky Dwyane Wade and LeBron James mocked Dirk Nowitzki's cough when the German was sick heading into Game 4.

Fans took LeBron's failure after making the Big 3 in Miami and being extremely cocky about Dallas as a catastrophic mistake.

Even Damian Lillard, who was playing for Weber State in 2011 decided to pile onto his 'favorite player' with a scathing tweet that nobody saw at the time.

Naturally, Lillard decided to delete the tweet over time considering the status LeBron holds within the league circles. But in 2011, there was no status for LeBron to hide 

behind when they lost. It is one of the most glaring flaws in his career and it is one that he can never rectify.

Even though James has won 4 championships since that loss, his detractors continue to bring that up.

Considering the margins are so thin when it comes to trying to compete against Michael Jordan, a loss like that will never be erased from anyone's memory.