LeBron James Presented With A Giant Gold Chain With Lion After Breaking The NBA All-Time Scoring Record

LeBron James was rewarded with a custom gold chain by his team and the league for surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the leading run-scorer in NBA history.

The chain was designed by Elliante and is highly detailed, featuring an inscription that reads "The Kid from Akron" on the top of the box.

The pendant on the chain is a massive lion's head with a crown on top.

James' jersey numbers 23 and 6 are engraved on the pendant, as are the teams he's played for.

The chain also features an inscription that reads "LeBron James Record: 38,388 and counting," referring to his current record as the NBA's leading run-scorer.

James flaunted the chain on Instagram, showcasing its impressive design.

Earlier, he had also showcased an impressive-looking ring that he was awarded after being part of the NBA's 75th-anniversary team.

Despite these accolades, James has maintained that his primary goal is winning a fifth NBA championship.

If he leads the Lakers to another championship, these pieces of jewelry will become the icing on the cake for James.