This season marked the second time in four campaigns that LeBron has missed the NBA playoffs. His stint with the Los Angeles Lakers has been 

good or bad, depending on who you ask, as some people don't think that winning a championship equals success.

After that title, the Lakers have struggled to make another deep playoffs run, getting eliminated in the first round of the postseason last year and even missing the play-in tournament this one.

The King recently opened up on how he lived these moments, even on vacation. On the brand-new episode of The Shop, James was asked how it felt to miss the playoffs.

"I took my wife to her dream destination, to the Maldives, right after the season. I just got done playing in June. Only have a month and a half to relax before I get going'.

“I was literally in the Maldives, waking up at 3 in the morning watching the playoff games. Like every single game at 3 in the morning. As much as

don't want to watch it, 'cause it burns my stomach to not be a part of these games, 'cause is the best time to play basketball. Like the fan in me can not- I just love it."

It wasn't easy for LeBron not to be part of the playoffs with his team, but the King still found a way to enjoy the postseason.

After going to the Finals for eight straight seasons, LeBron is now in a different position. The Lakers did win in 2020, but the team hasn't shown the consistency they need to win more championships.