Despite entering his 20th season in the league, LeBron is still the primary target for the Lakers in terms of ensuring he extends his contract with the team.

This is not a decision based on LeBron's mass appeal but a pure basketball decision, which is worrying.

A franchise can't put its eggs in the basket of a 37-year-old. It's a worrying sign for the player as well, which explains why LeBron hasn't rushed to sign a contract extension with the Lakers. 

LeBron's contract is up at the end of next season, but LBJ has refused to engage in extension talks until he sees what the team builds this off-season.

LeBron is known to leave organizations after a certain period of time.

Leaving the Lakers at the end of next season if they cannot compete won't be a surprise, as that is what LeBron has done in the past.

The issue will be that the Lakers have given away a lot of long-term assets to make sure LeBron is happy with the team around him. 

They have already given up picks till 2026, so the future asset pool is thin and it could cripple the Lakers if LeBron leaves the team.

LBJ's ambition to play with Bronny, is another reason why The King will look to eventually leave the Lakers. Whether it is in 2023 is something we will see after the off-season.