LeBron James Has Been 'Disappointed' With Anthony Davis This Season

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in a good position in the Western Conference and are only one game away from the 6th seed.

However, rumors have been circulating that the two best players on the team, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, might not be getting along as well as fans think.

Colin Cowherd, a sports analyst, claims to have been tipped off by someone within the Lakers organization that LeBron and AD are not close friends, and this can be seen through their body language.

AD's reaction to LeBron breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time scoring record, where he simply sat down while the rest of the team cheered, raised eyebrows and led to speculation about their relationship.

AD later clarified that his reaction was due to the team losing the game and had nothing to do with LeBron.

Cowherd suggests that LeBron may feel he needs AD this year but has been disappointed with his inconsistency and lack of leadership at times.

AD came into the season out of shape and was expected to lead the team in LeBron's absence, but he has not always played at the level expected of him.

Despite rumors of tension, LeBron has publicly shown happiness for the Lakers' recent success.

Rumors about tension between LeBron and AD continue to circulate, creating a storyline to watch as the Lakers head into the final stretch of the regular season.