The LeBron James situation with the Los Angeles Lakers has received plenty of attention recently, as the King is yet to sign a contract extension with the Purple and Gold, opening the door for speculation. 

The NBA community is always paying attention to what LeBron does, and this time, they're waiting to know his next move with the Lakers.

According to Kurt Helin of NBC Sports, LeBron is expected to sign his contract extension in 'some form', citing family reasons for this decision.

"Ultimately for LeBron, family is first — and his family is comfortable in Los Angeles. That is why most people NBC Sports has spoken with around the league expect LeBron to sign the extension in some form. 

Eventually. He may well milk the leverage to send a message about roster changes — although it’s not like Rob Pelinka and company have not tried to trade Westbrook — but in the end, LeBron does not give off the vibe of a guy looking to bolt Los Angeles."

LeBron becomes eligible to sign a 2-year, $97 million deal today. Helin explains that he has three options to sign his extension, adding that one of them could help him play with his son Bronny in the league.

"LeBron has three options with the Lakers’ extension offer: 1) Ignore it, don’t sign it, and become a free agent next summer. 2) Sign it for the full two years and lock himself in with the Lakers until age 40.

3) Sign for one additional year, or one year with a player option for the second year (a 1+1). Option 3 keeps LeBron settled in Los Angeles but with flexibility if and when Bronny enters the NBA in another market. 

Most sources NBC spoke with expected LeBron will go with option three — a 1+1 — but that he may take his time signing it. There is no rush. And if that keeps the pressure on the Lakers to upgrade the roster, all the better."