LeBron James continues to be a force on the court despite getting up there in basketball years.

Despite his great play, LeBron does know that the end is near and he has been working on his off-the-court business ventures, which made him the first NBA player to become a billionaire before retiring.

LeBron possesses a great business mind but he has stated he wants to remain around the game once he's done playing. When asked on "The Shop" on if he'd given some thought to 

transitioning to his post-career life, the King acknowledged he had and he also had a hilarious response on if he'd go to TV as Tom Brady will once he retires.

"Yeah, when I seen how much he signed for. You're god damn right I did." James also expressed why he feels he'd be great on television, adding "I mean, one, my knowledge of the 

sport, and being able to have my insight on the sport and still be around the game. I wanna stay around the game for sure, forever."

Maverick Carter was referencing there to Tom Brady landing a 10-year $375 million deal with Fox Sports to be an analyst once he is done playing.

That's a lot of money right there and LeBron like anyone else would be interested in an offer like that.

LeBron breaking down and talking about the game would be must-watch television and we can only imagine the money he'd command at the negotiation table for it.