Lauren Southern Faces Twitch Ban For ‘Hate Speech’ About Transgenderism

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Lauren Southern found herself unable to access her Twitch handle on September 20 after she was banned from the platform.

Lauren is a political activist and a best selling author as well. She owns a YouTube channel with over 600k subscribers.

Taking to her official Twitter handle, Lauren explained the reason behind her Twitch Ban.

She wrote “Well. I just got banned off Twitch. Lol.

In a separate tweet, the political activist said that she was banned for ‘hate speech’ due to the ‘title’ of her stream.

“So looks like it’s a temporary suspension for ‘hate speech,’” she said

While it is confirmed that Lauren Southern has not been permanently banned from Twitch, it still remains to be seen when will she be allowed to stream again.