Landon McBroom Gains Custody Of Daughter Amid Messy Break-Up With Shyla Walker

Christy Mathew

Landon McBroom finally got to see his daughter after Shyla Walker dropped the restraining order against him. The influencers daughter, Soul had reportedly visited Landon’s family after three months.

He shared a series of pictures on Instagram of him spending time with his daughter at the beach. The influencer dubbed the settlement as a “victory”. He wrote, “The longest three months of our lives. Today was a victory.”

On the other hand, Shyla took to her social media to explain why she decided to drop the charges against Landon.

She revealed that she has been beat and abused and had three attempted kidnapping of her child. The influencer added that when you love someone you do not put yourself in the position to lose them.

Shyla said she will do what is best for her child every single time. The influencer further mentioned that she wants her daughter to have a nice relationship with her father. 

She wrote, “I requested visitation, I want my daughter to have a relationship with her father with whom she will always love regardless of the circumstances. Children grow up and will eventually see the truth on their own without me saying one word.”

But the Youtuber did call out her ex for not respecting their daughter’s privacy. Shyla claimed that the McBroom family posted pictures of Soul to garner attention.