Landon McBroom Called Out For Stealing Pinterest Images Faking Lavish Lifestyle

By: Christy Mathew

Landon McBroom is in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. The influencer is known for being Austin McBroom’s brother who has recently been accused of stealing pictures from the Internet. He seemingly faked living a luxurious lifestyle.

The influencer has 1 million followers on Instagram as the majority have come from the Ace Family channel. Some fans might have followed him to catch a glimpse of his lifestyle. Landon and his ex, Shyla Walker have put a stop to their YouTube channel, This is L&S after Landon was accused of being violent and assaulting Shyla.

The duo had garnered 3.04 million followers on their channel and now both Landon and Shyla have different YouTube channels. His Instagram includes photos of him with his brother Austin and he also posts pictures of his daughter, Souline.

Although there are no pictures in his feed that are from other websites, his Instagram stories most often include images stolen from Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. Landon posted pictures of expensive bags like Birkin and Supreme and a picture of himself in a private jet, all of these were stolen from Pinterest.

After user defnoodles shared the news on his Instagram, fans were calling out Landon for stealing images. Users said it was so embarrassing as one pointed out what would his family think of this.

A user said, “If I saw someone I knew posting this shit when I knew they couldn’t possibly be doing/ buying this stuff I’d call them out”. Meanwhile, another said, “I actually think he did this deliberately. It has you guys talking about him, no? I give the McScammers this, they sure know how to stay in the blogs and to clickbait. His views must be going (up)”.

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