Fans of the Dallas Mavericks are beginning to notice it in Luka Doncic. When he becomes furious, his game clearly changes. Luka calls himself “A-hole,” and his eyes are crimson.

He wants to be killed. There is little anyone can do to stop a motivated Luka at that point, so the opponent must simply brace themselves and accept whatever blows are coming their way.

Luka Doncic faced a lot of backlash when the 2021–22 season began since he reported to camp out of shape.

He needed some time to regain his normal conditioning and play at his normal level. However, the Dallas Mavericks star is not repeating the same error as he enters the new season.

Doncic’s picture of himself looking as trim as ever went viral on Tuesday, taking the internet by storm.

The teenage superstar’s physique metamorphosis was pretty obvious in the fan photo of the Mavericks player, which was taken in what appeared to be a resort.

Though some made fun of him and said his diet could have been a touch extreme, fans and media figures alike couldn’t help but notice the drastic shift.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time Luka Doncic’s vengeance body has been revealed to Mavs fans this offseason, though the most recent image is the clearest and closest representation of his present physique.

He garnered headlines earlier in the off-season while representing Slovenia in an exhibition match against Italy because of his more developed and strong body.

As he prepares for the Mavs’ training camp, Doncic should be able to keep up his current level of fitness. If he can, the odds making him the MVP favourite may turn out to be excellent bets.