Laila Ali's startling confession about her opponents is revealed by a UFC legend

Laila Ali, the former female middleweight champion and daughter of boxing great Muhammad Ali, is one of the rare athletes who have excelled at the highest levels. 

She also succeeded in exceeding the high expectations placed on her due to the prominence of her father in the sport, becoming one of the greatest female boxers ever. 

She had a 24-0 unblemished record when she resigned from the sport, and she had won a number of titles.

Her reputation as an all-time great fighter was undoubtedly reinforced by this. She still doesn't have one item on her resume, though.

The American Gangster recently discussed how he once chatted with Laila Ali during a segment on Andrew Schulz's Flagrant show.

He claimed that 'SheBeeStining' revealed to him during the call that she regretted not participating in the Olympics. 

She was determined to show everyone that she was the best, thus doing this was what her heart desired.

The former middleweight title contender continued by disclosing a sinister fact regarding Ali's opponents during her career.