Laila Ali's Latest Statement Leaves Supporters Speechless

Boxing's legacy is an essential component. Unbeknownst to their supporters, some boxers enter the ring and carve such legacies for themselves. 

Yet making something that lasts for a lifetime is what makes the sport so beautiful. Muhammad Ali made a name for himself as one of the greatest boxers to ever step foot inside a ring. 

Outside of the ring, the former heavyweight champion was renowned for his captivating personality and his humanitarian impact. A significant legacy entails a great deal of responsibility.

The former women's Super Middleweight champion is advertising a History TV programme called "ancestry" in the Instagram video. She discussed the value of being aware of one's heritage and family history.

Being the best fighter ever, she asserts, "You could be knocked down, but the fight isn't done." 

She went on to talk about Spencer's beginnings with "Gibraltar," allegedly the first sweet to be marketed commercially in the United States. 

The sixth great-grandson of Spencer watched more of the video to discover more about his ancestry and legacy.

 "Understanding your family history and lineage gives you the inspiration to find your greatness," Ali stated at the end of the video.