Laila Ali raises awareness of a contentious food preservative that has been linked to cancer

Laila Ali, a former middleweight champion, has long been a symbol of social change. 

Laila, like her legendary father Muhammad Ali, devotes a lot of her time to charitable causes outside of the ring, furthering her already illustrious career in boxing.

She has also raised awareness of a number of societal problems, including human trafficking.

Not only that, but she also runs numerous NGOs and charities to assist in addressing problems like these.

She also recently published a post outlining the risks of the contentious preservative BHA.

The synthetic antioxidant butylated hydroxyanisole, sometimes known as BHA, is frequently used in the food industry to stop the deterioration of fats and oils. 

Nonetheless, it has been outlawed in a number of nations due to a cancer risk association.

According to the post, BHA is an endocrine disruptor and has a direct connection to cancer. 



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