Kyrie Irving is one of the best late-game shot-makers in NBA history.

The 2016 Finals may be 6 years old, but his game-winning three over Steph Curry will be remembered for generations for what it signifies.

During the 2020 NBA Orlando bubble, Irving had made a comment about playing with Kevin Durant after he sat out the 2019-20 season

And said this is the first time he has felt that one of his teammates can make the same tough shots at the end of a game as he does.

Even LBJ was hurt after the comments, as he revealed the same after his Lakers won the championship on Richard Jefferson's show 'Road Trippin'.

Irving has finally addressed those comments and said he has a ton of respect for James and he would never slight 'The King'.

“Shout out to LeBron. I would never slight him. I respect the hell out of him, and we've been through our own battles as teammates, as competitors together. That's like water under the bridge."

Kyrie and LeBron have a better relationship now as compared to when their association as teammates ended.

2016 was the only year Irving won a championship and the struggles of getting back there have been evident. Irving hasn't even gone back to the NBA Finals.

Considering how much hate and disrespect that NBA players receive, it isn't surprising that Bron and Kyrie would have settled these comments between them.