Kyrie Irving Criticizes Anthony Davis Following Lakers' Loss to Mavericks

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a brutal loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night.

The Lakers made some great moves at this year's trade deadline in an attempt to bolster their playoff hopes.

Kyrie Irving got the ball with just seconds remaining in the game and the Lakers sent multiple defenders at him.

Irving passed the ball across the court to Maxi Kleber, who nailed the game-winning three.

After the game, Irving spoke about the play, noting that he saw Anthony Davis sag off of Kleber, allowing him to make the pass.

“It seemed like three of them were around me at the end of the game,” Irving said via the NBA Interviews YouTube channel.

“But I’m just grateful that I was able to have my head on the swivel. I thought about, for a split second, forcing that two up to tie the basketball game."

"But I saw Maxi open. I saw AD kind of helping a little too much. So, I tried to get it into his shot pocket, and I’m glad I got it to him with enough time to at least get the shot off."

"I could easily be sitting in this position with a loss. It was just that type of game. But I’m glad we were resilient. We got really lucky and fortunate at the end of regulation tonight, so I’m glad it worked out for us.”