KSI targets Tommy Fury after claiming Jake Paul negotiations have stalled

KSI has made his post-May intentions clear, he’ll be turning his eyes to Tommy Fury if a match against Jake Paul isn’t locked in soon.

KSI will box again May 13 on the next Misfits boxing card

and although KSI has not picked up his opponent for the 13th May fight he is confident he will score a win 

he’s already revealed to fans he’s thinking about what comes after that date

he previously claimed that the Jake Paul match would 100% go down in 2023, 

but it seems like that his plans are going southwards as business side of things may throw a wrench

“At this point, after I beat a pro boxer on May 13th, I’m gonna go straight for Tommy Fury,” he explained. “Jake Paul is being long with negotiations.”

Tyson Fury wants Tag team match with Tommy Fury against Jake and Logan Paul

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