KSI Says ‘Fu*K You Jake’ After Jake Paul Reacted To His Collab With Lil Wayne

KSI and Jake Paul are probably the YouTubers with the longest ‘unsettled’ rivalry at the moment

When Jake Paul reacted positively to one of KSI’s projects, the entire internet was surprised!

If you’re not aware of what we are talking about, lets go for a throwback!

Throwback to early August when KSI released a song titled ‘Lose’ with Lil Wayne.

Jake Paul considers Lil Wayne to be his ‘idol’

When British YouTuber KSI collaborated with Jake’s ‘idol’ for a song, everyone thought Jake would react negatively.

But instead, the younger paul brother had a positive reaction.

JAKE PAUL: “Damn… congrats this is actually insane. You’ve been killing it with your music.

KSI: “It definitely lowkey burned him but this was the correct response. It was a good response,” he said.