KSI returns to YouTube after Sidemen racial slur incident

KSI has returned to his personal YouTube platform weeks after a racial slur incident in a Sidemen Sunday video

the British celeb pledged to learn from the experience and “improve” as a human moving forward.

Few weeks ago KSI came under fire for a recent YouTube video in which he can be seen using a racial slur in conversation

Although the term was censored in the edit, many still took issue with its use

As a result, the video was taken down, KSI apologized multiple times

Wanting to speak with his fans on a more personal level, he broke the silence on his own platform

“I just wanted to record and talk on my own platform, let you know how I feel with everything that’s going on.

From the Wade situation to me saying a racial term, I’ve been messing up. I’ve been taking a lot of L’s.

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