KSI has officially DENIED fighting Jake Paul on August 27!

By Shaheer Ansari

Aug 6, 2022

Jake Paul challenged KSI after the news of Alex Wassabi backing out came to light.

He even agreed to let KSI be the A-side for their fight!

But KSI's negative response to the challenge has let down the expectations of many fans

"We will fight on my terms and when we do, it’ll be done on the biggest stage. I’m talking Wembley stadium fam"

The show will go on on August 27th and you or MVP won’t have a thing to do with it, tweeted KSI.

KSI does not want to fight Jake Paul on a short notice. 'None of this short notice shit' he tweeted.

Just last week, KSI said that he thinks he can beat Jake Paul.

A 'fake' Jake Paul Vs KSI Fight poster is already making the rounds on the internet.

The drama between Jake & KSI have gotten way more interesting & fans are hooked to see what happens next! Clout News will keep you updated.