KSI predicts tag-team match with Logan Paul vs Tate brothers would be ‘biggest PPV’ ever

KSI has predicted that a tag-team boxing match with Logan Paul versus Andrew and Tristan Tate could be the biggest pay-per-view of all time.

Featuring some of the biggest influencers, KSI’s Misfits Boxing has put on some action-packed events alongside DAZN.

Among those include KSI teaming up with business partner Logan Paul against the controversial Tate brothers.

KSI responded to a fan proposing the idea of him & Logan Paul against Tate brothers 

The YouTuber was thrilled by the proposed idea and even went as far as to say that the fight could be the biggest pay-per-view ever,

“Fam, where would this be? Live at the Romanian prisons?” the YouTuber joked.

“Bro, this would be crazy. Probably the biggest pay-per-view of all mankind. Could be bigger than me versus Jake, could be bigger, but it’s up there.

Tyson Fury wants Tag team match with Tommy Fury against Jake and Logan Paul

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