KSI Praises Tommy Fury for Dominating Jake Paul and Making Him His "B**ch"

KSI has praised Tommy Fury for defeating Jake Paul and ending his unbeaten record in a boxing match held on February 26th in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Fury dominated the fight with his piston-like jab and landed good combos, ultimately winning via split decision to maintain his unbeaten streak.

In a recent YouTube video, KSI showed his appreciation for Fury and called out Jake Paul for being made "his b**ch" in the ring.

Twitter users also had a field day with the news of Jake Paul's loss to Fury, and KSI joined in on the trend.

Despite Logan Paul's business partnership with KSI, he and Jake Paul have had a long-standing feud.

KSI is still looking to fulfill the main aim of his return to boxing by fighting Jake Paul.

However, after Jake Paul's loss to Tommy Fury, the Brit has been contemplating whether he should fight 'TNT' himself.

Fans still want to see the grudge match between KSI and Jake Paul, despite the recent turn of events.

KSI's appreciation of Fury's victory over Jake Paul shows that even his rivals can earn his respect for their achievements in the ring.